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Here, I post about my research as an undergrad in planetary sciences. Join me on my journey to learn a thing or two about the universe we live in!

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Toxic Productivity Culture

Hi everyone, This week’s blog post is not going to be as lighthearted as my previous ones, mainly because I’ve been feeling very down this past week and I thought it would be disingenuous to post about anything else, but also because this subject matter is important to me and, in my opinion, is notContinue reading “Toxic Productivity Culture”

How To Spot Comet NEOWISE!

Hi everyone, Happy almost-end-of-July! Things seem to be moving so quickly in my various projects, but I’ve been able to find solace in observational astronomy this month (see last post for more on that revelation). Excitingly, it’s been a great month to be looking up! Gorgeous images of Jupiter, Saturn, and the comet NEOWISE haveContinue reading “How To Spot Comet NEOWISE!”

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