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Welcome to my research blog!

Here, I post about my work and life as an early career astrobiologist. Join me on my journey to learn a thing or two about the universe we live in!

Latest from the Blog

Pep Talks: Grad School Admissions (Part 2)

Hi everyone! First off, an obligatory acknowledgment that I’ve been MIA for a few months while I’ve been getting myself settled into grad school. I’m thankfully starting to get my bearings now, but at first, it was such a massive adjustment to be living in a new country, starting a new research project (alongside new…

Pep Talks: Grad School Admissions (Part 1)

Hi all! It’s definitely been too long since my last post, so I’ll start this off with a shortlist of life updates: I went through the whole ~grad school admissions process~ (more on that in a sec!);I attended my first LPSC in March, and presented my team’s Tsiolkovskiy landing site poster there (see this abstract…

Welcome Back to Zoom University!

Hi everyone! It’s been a while. These past few weeks have been rough on us all, I think – in fact, this past week alone (read: keeping up with the state of the world alongside assignments ramping up, midterms starting, writing personal statements for grad school, managing research projects…) has been really intense. After my…

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